My School CD only use professional studio equipment for your school CD recording:

Our parent company SonicWorks started as a professional location recording company eighteen years ago, recording professional and semi-professional choirs, bands and orchestras at a high level, and continues to record these clients today.

For your school recording, we use exactly the same equipment as we use for professional recordings - professional studio microphones and equipment. So, that means the quality of recording will be exactly the same as we offer professional clients.
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My School CD only use professional recording engineers for your school CD recording:

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Both of our full time recording engineers not only have degrees specifically in the field of music recording and production, but both have now been employed by us for over ten years, full time - recording professional groups, and literally hundreds of schools each.

This means not only do they have the qualifications, experience and equipment to make your CD sound great, because they are so good with the children they will get the best recording possible - and give the music co-ordinator a fun (and stress-free!) day.

My School CD allocates the whole school day for you to record your CD:

We do this so your recording is not rushed, as our focus is to capture the best performance possible. It also means that the day is stress free for the music co-ordinator and everyone gets the most benefit from the experience. This gives you plenty of time to record a song twice if you make a mistake, or again if you think you can do better.

We give you chance to warm up, arrive for 10am, spend 15 minutes setting up and talking to you about your plans and the whole of the rest of the day is spent recording.
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Over 1500 primary schools have chosen My School CD for their school CD recording:

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As the saying goes, “That many people can’t be wrong…” and in this case it is totally true. We have built a strong reputation and a successful formula producing a quality product and actively helping schools achieve success which means schools return to us to record with us again and again.

After working with so many schools, you can be assured that you are receiving experienced advice - and we have full time office staff who offer unlimited free telephone and email advice thoughout the planning and completion of your project.
Telephone: 01925 321800

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